Families And Children

Many of our projects were created for families with young children or for schools. Our goal is to build spaces that help connect people of all ages with the outdoors. 

In a residential setting, we create unique and attractive designs that children and adults alike can enjoy and we emphasize the use of natural materials.  In addition to the typical residential landscape features that include seating areas, walkways, and planting areas, a family-centered design might feature:

Schoolyards provide a unique opportunity for education, as well as for recreation. Many studies have shown that children learn better outdoors, where learning is active rather than passive.  Active children are more physically healthy and more mentally focused.  We collaborate with schools to develop outdoor classrooms, playscapes, gardens, habitats, and programs to facilitate outdoor education and create well-rounded individuals.

Sustainable Design

Our work reflects the basic principles of sustainable design.

Whenever possible, we: