A refugee from corporate America, Beth followed a passion for gardening to complete a 
Masters in sustainable landscapes at the George Washington University in 2009. Beth founded Honeybee based on a simple maxim-- that cooperation and information sharing can make the end result of any endeavor greater than the sum of its parts.
As principal at Honeybee, Beth focuses primarily on small scale residential design in the Washington, DC area. Beth emphasizes sustainable and environmentally-friendly design principles in her work, using native plant material to promote wildlife diversity and incorporating edibles for clients’ enjoyment. The use of rainwater catchment, green roofs, pervious paving, and rain gardens may reduce pollution and erosion associated with stormwater runoff, Beth’s holistic approach to design also includes site assessment, preservation of existing trees and soils, and considers the effect of seasonal solar and wind patterns.
One of Beth’s special interests is creating versatile outdoor spaces for children, schools, and families. Restoration and preservation of historic landscapes are also among Beth’s professional interests; in 2004, she attended the Historic Landscape Institute at the University of Virginia & Monticello in Charlottesville.
Beth also holds a graduate certificate in landscape design from The George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She actively volunteers at local schools and community organizations and is a member of local and national gardening and design organizations.
Chris is an organizer/builder, a business owner who has gardening in his blood. He much prefers his rubber boots to his wing-tips, though. Chris grew up with an English grandmother who preferred squared-off hedges in her NW Washington back yard and a father whose chief gardening mission was to use plants to ward off wildfires in northern California. Different approaches, indeed, but a love of the outdoors and putzing in the dirt was born.
After being formally educated at Saint James School and Bucknell University, Chris bought his first house and set to learning more about the design and construction of patios, retaining walls, trellises, ponds, fences, compost areas and gardens, all of which he and a few dedicated friends labored on after their real jobs were finished for the day.
During the day, Chris has been in the real estate/mortgage business for nearly 20 years. He owns a real estate settlement and title insurance business (, where there is lots of paper and many computers. While running his business and raising a family, Chris continued to design and build whatever came to mind, which also allowed him to expand his collection of tools and implements. When his kids got to nursery school, Chris began taking the tools and implements to the school, helping Beth to turn her vision to reality, and a business was born.
In addition to constructing, Chris is involved with many behind-the scenes facets at The Honeybee Group, LLC: estimating, purchasing, accounting and organizing.
Reggie joined the ranks of landscape designers after two decades in the financial industry, giving her left brain some opportunity for expression. Since graduating from the George Washington University Landscape Design program in July 2006, she has created residential plans with a focus on native plantings. A major focus in her designs is "right plant for the right person(s)"--- trying to match the maintenance requirements of the plants with the upkeep ability and desires of the homeowners. After working in garden maintenance, she has an intimate understanding of its impact on the overall enjoyment of the garden.
Reggie has a bachelor's degree in History from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. She is a member of American Society of Landscape Architects and the Landscape Designers Group in metro DC. She volunteers in the gardens of the National Cathedral of Washington and historic Tudor Place in Georgetown.